Monthly Subscription Box (Starts MAY 2021)

Monthly Subscription Box (Starts MAY 2021)

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I am so excited to announce the new monthly subscription box that is being added to the shop! This box will contain an ergonomic crochet hook, which could range from size 2mm-10mm. A set of 3 customized stitch markers, and a beautiful skein of yarn that is 93 yards. This yarn is custom dyed by the talented Angela, from Moss and Wand. 

The hooks created for the monthly subscribers are all inclusive! 

With the original price of my hooks and stitch marker sets, this is over $20 in savings! 

The monthly subscriptions will be always be sent out the first day of the month, for a projective date of around the 5th-10th of receiving your mystery box. This subcription is only $25! Shipping is included