Made to Order - Rainbow

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Original design created by ©Moonlight Bee Designs


This order is NOT ready to ship, please allow 1-2 weeks to create, resin, and then mail out. All order information will be updated via order status. Base will be made in ROYGBIV This design CAN NOT be customized!

Hook brand: Boye, Bates or Bamboo(wood) Sizes: 3mm - 10mm

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Crochet Hooks - Your new hook was created with oven polymer clay and sealed with resin, so these items must be handled with the utmost care! Store these hooks in a dry, even temperature area. If a piece is to break off, super glue will usually fix it right away. IF not, please message me so I can properly assist. **ALSO** please keep in mind that this is a handmade item, so not all hooks are exactly the same, but certainly created to be similar!