Made to Order - Among Us

Made to Order - Among Us

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Original design created by ©Moonlight Bee Designs


This order is NOT ready to ship, please allow 1-2 weeks to create, resin, and then mail out. All order information will be updated via order status. Base colors options: black, grey, or silver Among Us character: blue, green, yellow, black, orange, pink, teal, red, and purple

Hook Brand: Boye, Bates or Bamboo(wood) Sizes: 3mm - 10mm


CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Crochet Hooks - Your new hook was created with oven polymer clay and sealed with resin, so these items must be handled with the utmost care! Store these hooks in a dry, even temperature area. If a piece is to break off, super glue will usually fix it right away. IF not, please message me so I can properly assist. **ALSO** please keep in mind that this is a handmade item, so not all hooks are exactly the same, but certainly created to be similar!